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Subsystem of Incentives for Internationalization

Supports actions for penetrating external markets to the Autonomous Region of the Azores, as well as businesses promotion, facilitation, knowledge generation and information disclosure actions that directly contribute for the generation and development of goods and transactional services in the following categories: Market prospection, Commercialization and marketing and Digital economy.

For more information please see the Subsystem of Incentives for Internationalization fact sheet.



Decreto Regulamentar Regional n.º 1/2018/A (portuguese only)
Regulation of the Subsystem of Incentives for Internationalization

Despacho nº. 386/2018 de 5 de março de 2018 (portuguese only)
Aprova a lista de produtos relativamente aos quais podem ser apresentados projetos de acesso aos mercados

Despacho n.º 241/2016 de 11 de Fevereiro de 2016 (portuguese only)
Aproves the standard table for the co-participation amount’s maximum limit for eligible expenses covered by Market Access projects

Decreto Legislativo Regional n.º 9/2016/A (portuguese only)
System of Incentives for Business Competitiveness – Competir+